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Dealing with an illegal environmental discharger

Phu My Town: Handling an illegal discharge facility into the environment

On 11/5, People's Committee of TX. Phu My has sent a document to the TX Police. Phu My coordinated with the People's Committee of Toc Tien Commune to continue investigating and verifying the wastewater samples of illegal discharge plastic seed production establishments into the environment.

 CSDT Crime of Economic - Drugs, Police TX. Phu My coordinated to handle illegal discharge facilities.

 Earlier, on the afternoon of April 14, the People's Committee of Toc Tien Commune People's Committee caught a discharge facility located near the contract. Specifically, at the land of Mr. Nguyen Minh Thinh (the basis of making plastic seeds, belonging to Hamlet 4), there are pipes buried underground discharging wastewater into the environment. Water stagnated into a large puddle hundreds of square meters wide, brown, strong smell. The discharge direction is located in the land with low -lying areas, the distance is close to the contract.

Functional forces of Toc Tien commune make a record of the status quo at the discharge facility.

In the facility, there are about 5 tons of packaging materials, 1 ton of finished products are plastic particles. Behind the facility, there are 3 sewage pipes from production activities of the establishment to the environment. At the time of checking, a pipeline is flowing white, smelly. The delegation took samples of wastewater at the drainage manhole to analyze as a basis for treatment.

 This facility is a man named V.X.K. Master, but later assigned the right to manage Mr. Tran Van Tri to date. Mr. Tri explained that because the water pipe was broken, the waste flowed out and the new incident arises during the day.

 According to functional forces, since mid -2020, this facility was sanctioned by the People's Committee of Toc Tien commune for the wrong use of land and was made a record of sanctioning for discharge into the environment and not being sanctioned by the provincial police. There is a certificate of business household registration. The facility was required to stop working, forced to dismantle before April 20. However, up to now, this facility has been stealthily operating.

 After acknowledging the fact, the People's Committee of Toc Tien commune coordinated with the CSDT to criminal economic - drugs, police TX. Phu My, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment made a record of the incident.

 Also on 10/5, the People's Committee of Toc Tien commune invited the land owner to work to request self -dismantlement as prescribed.