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Water pollution's impact on biodiversity and human health

The harmful effects of water pollution on biodiversity and human health

Water pollution in Vietnam currently has a serious impact on biodiversity and human health, this is one of the issues given by experts at the scientific seminar "The impact of pollution on multi. Biology and human health form "takes place, at the same time, proposing solutions to minimize water pollution for the period of 2022-2025.

1. In polluted areas, most of them are organic pollution, specific parameters for organic matter and microorganisms in excess of the allowed threshold. The problem of greasy and heavy metal contamination only occurs locally in areas affected by aquatic traffic activities or industrial production, mineral exploitation. In the estuaries, especially in the Mekong Delta region, saline intrusion tends to increase, the level is more serious.

2. Professor, Dr. Tran Hieu Nhue analyzes when water pollution occurs, the increase of new nutrients in the water source will stimulate the growth of plants and algae, significantly reducing oxygen in the source. country. The lack of oxygen will kill plants and animals in water sources and create dead areas. In addition, chemicals and heavy metals from industrial and urban wastewater also pollute the water source, causing toxic to organisms in water sources, reducing the fertility and longevity of organisms.

Proposing solutions to minimize harm:

In order to minimize the pollution of water sources in Vietnam, the State, the government needs to strengthen the propaganda activities in the community, continue to promulgate policies and regulations on guiding the implementation of the Law on Bao Environmental sanitation in 2020. At the same time, strengthening the inspection for production, business and services in the area; Strengthen inspection and control of investment in building industrial wastewater treatment stations and concentrated daily life.

In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection and supervision of discharge activities in industrial parks to promptly detect and handle violations. Factories and enterprises need to build a tank to treat wastewater instead of discharging directly into the outside environment, which is also an effective treatment for water pollution.

In addition, using measures to overcome water pollution by using clean energy sources to replace and apply in industrial production such as solar energy, wind energy ... This is a one Safety solutions can limit the source of toxic waste and waste water.